Imports of Spices   Oils
We import all kinds of Spices in huge quantities directly from their origin countries. Our products  come from reliable suppliers and after being cleaned or sterilized,  they  reach our premises, always with the required certificates of quality to comply with the EEC law. They are then processed and  packed in order to be available for wholesale. Our spices are also available in catering packaging so as to satisfy market needs.   Knowing people’s concern for more healthy products, coming from nature, our company imports a variety of pure essential oils, carrier oils and mother tinctures. Our products follow the European standards and have pharmaceutical qualities  to make them appropriate for cosmetic use. To be more convenient when used, our products are packed in vials of 10-100 ml or 1L.
Imports of Herbs   Greek Herbs
Our company imports a great variety of medicinal plants (herbs) from the most common speices to the most rare. After being processed,(sieving, cutting) our products are available for wholesale either in the domestic market or abroad. Aromatic plants and dried vegetables  intended for the food industry, also make an important part of our product range.   Greece is famous for its climate and soil which produces plants rich in essential oils. Always focused on quality, our company offers aromatic plants from the Greek nature such as oregano, sage, melissa, chamomile and it is in our interest to enrich the variety of our Greek range with the help of reliable  producers.

SALVEOTEA with long experience in Tea and Tea accessories imports, guarantees an enjoyable trip in the world of tea.

Importing-Processing-Packaging-Trading of Spices in bulk quantities throughout the year, by people with undeniable knowledge and interest for their products.

A rich collection of  Herbs and Oils of  the world, straight from nature , of excellent quality, are delivered by our company.
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